Bodog Is Gone?

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 Replaces Bodog For USA Based Players!

So perhaps you’ve heard rumors about Bodog leaving their USA players to hang out to dry.  There were mumblings about them getting busted by the US Dept. of Justice.  Some said they were running away with players’ funds.  Well, I’m happy to report (as I already knew) that all of this is complete BUNK!  The facts are that the Bodog brand applied for, and was granted, a betting license in the UK.  In order to remove any remote possibility of creating waves with any issues pertaining to their catering to American based players, they have removed the Bodog name from the good ole USA.  Since 2007, the Bodog site used by American players was completely administrated by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (“MMGG”) pursuant to a gaming license issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, located in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada.  This is the same group that has now launched the BOVADA.LV label!  Everything at Bovada is the same that it was at Bodog as of yesterday.  The same platform, customer service, payout system…everything.  This is only affecting accounts used by American players, and all others will be able to continue to access the Bodog platform as they have previously.

You can now go to and login with your Bodog username and password and start betting right away.  Here is a statement that was issued by to their clients who were accustomed to using Bodog from within the USA… is changing – New Name, New Look, Same Great ServiceThe Morris Mohawk Gaming Group’s (“MMGG”) brand licensing agreement with the Bodog Brand is expiring at the end of this year and as a result MMGG will no longer be offering its services using the bodog name or from the website,

From today, December 14th, MMGG will continue to operate as it has for over 4 years, just under its new name, BOVADA, at

Your account and balance has automatically been transferred to the new website and you are able to log in to the site using your existing account details and password.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of the transition process, there will be a scheduled outage overnight to both the old and new websites. We expect to be live by 11:00am ET on December 14th, 2011.

If you have any questions regarding your account or the new brand we ask that you contact the customer service team at

We hope you enjoy the new site!


So you can all take a deep breath now, and continue using the service as you did.  To welcome new players, Bovada is offering a free $100 that is a a%20 of your initial deposit up to the amount of $100.  Most sites depend on providing bonuses in order to acquire new players, but Bovada is winning people over with great service.  Take advantage of the free bet while it is available!  Now, let’s make that $$$$$$$$$$$$


  • Fuck

    this site fucking sucks.

  • Clcmillion

    just Starting a new review for bovada payout I requested a withdrawal of 2k by bank check its been 2 weeks wich is 10 buss. days they said it would arrive in 15 buss. days and I will receive a email with tracking #.So far no email with tracking # but they still have 5 buss. days I will keep all posted on the time frame it take to get check.Incase people from US are interested cause I tried to look up payout reviews and could not find them anywhere because they just recently switched from bodog for US customers.If anyone received a payout from bovada can you coment on how long it took.

  • Thank you for the information.  I know that both Bodog and Bovada have experienced delays with some payment methods.  I recommend calling and emailing customer service to get an update on your payout, and ask for the tracking number.  They are working to improve the situation, but in this day it is not a simple task.  You will get your money, this I know.  PLEASE keep us informed of the situation, and post updates here.  If you need some assistance, or feel you are getting the runaround.  Let me know, and I will contact them on your behalf.  Have a great New Year!

  • Clcmillion

    thanks Potsie i will thanks for the advice and help if needed.So far i have complete cofidence I will receive my check with no problems where as I have never ran into any with bodog either.Just wanted to start a review for my fellow US players on time frame.

  • Bovada Customer Service- 1-888-263-0000 or

  • I received an email from Clcmillion a few days later.  He received his payout as stated.  The only weird thing was, they didn’t send him his tracking number until the same day it arrived.  This is a glitch in the system for check payouts only.  I advise players to use the MyPaylinQ method for funding and withdrawing funds to avoid the hassle of checks by mail.  It is much easier to process your payouts via MyPaylinQ.  

  • Greg

    Thanks for posting your payout progress to date. Although it has not been received yet knowing you are not receiving any different information than myself lends some confidence they will payout as promissed. The time frame remains a little fuzzy after several attempts to clarify. They continue to claim an average of 25 business days to receive payouts. Since my payout is for $7,500.00 they claim a max. payout in a 7 day period of $3,000.00 then 7 days $3,000.00 and finally in 7 more days $1,400.00 less $100.00 processing fees. This adds up to 21 days with a few days to start the process fits the average 25 day period they claim. However, I cannot get a comprehensive answer if the 25 days is until the first of 3 payments arrives or the total payout will be made in this 25 day period. Common sense dictates 25 days for the first of 3 to arrive with next 2 payments on 7 day cycles. I hope this site is above board. Appears they use the most expensive and slowest courier service on the planet It would be expensive to walk to the destination as it appears. Ha! It has been 2 weeks and have not received tracking number from courier as of yet.

    Thanks for the information. 

  • Greg

    I saw your offer of help if there is trouble with payouts from Bovada. I hope this stands for all.  I am 2 weeks into a $7,500.00 payout and the time frame average of 25 business days remains a little fuzzy after several attempts to clarify. However, they have replied to all of my inquires and claim a max. payout of $3,000.00 per 7 day period. I have been unsuccessful claifying if this means all will be settled in the 25 day period or will the first of 3 payouts fall withing the 25 days with the next 2 on a 7 days cycle. Common sense dictates the later of the two. Appears they use the most expensive and slowest courier service on the planet as It would be expensive to walk the check to the destination as it appears. Ha!Hope this works out.


  • Hi Greg!  I am very confident that you will get your funds…the only question is, when?  By all reports that I am getting, players whose payments were approved on May 7th or before have been sent out.  Payments are taking about 30-35 business days, so weekends and holidays are not counted.  I don’t think the issue is how fast they can courier the checks, I think the operation has been slowed by processor limits.  If a payment processor sends out every payment requested immediately, this could throw up red flags and the whole thing gets shut down.  They are working within daily payout limits, and with the reported delays, it has caused an even greater number of players to request payouts…stressing the system all the more.  This is not official information, just what I’m gathering from the information that I am receiving.  
      Since you have been given a max payout amount of 3K, you should begin to see the payments roll in in 3 successive weeks.  The bad news is that the tracking info will probably not appear until you actually receive the check.  The tracking info will appear in your ‘messages’ center on the Bovada website, and not in an email.  I would suggest trying the Rapid Transfer method if you continue to play with Bovada.  You won’t be able to use it, unless you make a deposit via that method.  
      If payout speed is valuable to you, then you may want to use another book in the interim. offers a debit card method, that takes a few days to get set up, but once you do it is only a 1-3 business day wait for payouts.  It’s always a smart idea to have an account at a few books, just to get some other lines to compare, and access the best payout for the game you are wanting to bet on.  
      Also note, most people post when they are getting delays, but never post when the payment comes in.  I would really appreciate if you could do that.  Congratulations on your nice payout, and hopefully you will be seeing it in your bank account soon 🙂

  • Observer1

     Hey Hummer, you still around, what’s in the CFL today.-4 looks ok.????

  • I don’t think he’ll answer you on the Bodog thread. Try NHL 🙂

  • BOVADA payout update! I just received a report from a player, who cashed out on July 31st. The reported receiving their check (the free type) on August 8th, 2012. This is welcome news to many Bovada players who were feeling shellshocked with 45 day waits earlier this year, until last month. It appears that the processor issues have been resolved. Now let’s make some $$$ this football season!

  • I received a $7,500.00 payout from Bovada after the average 25 business days and $3,000 per 7 day period max. amount. Bovada paid this in 3 payments and in accordance with there terms and time frame.

  • Thanks for sharing, @facebook-100000262686233:disqus! You will be happy to hear that they are now on track, and all payouts are being received within the newly posted 10 day limit. Nice hit!!