How Do I Deposit Money Into a Sportsbook?


How Do I Deposit Money Into an Online Sportsbook?

So you have selected the sportsbook that fits your needs the best, and you’ve created an account…now what?  You tried to deposit money, but your credit card was declined, or you don’t know how to get money from your bank to your betting account.  I will give you a few tips on how you can get on with winning money instead of being stuck in the mud.  There’s nothing worse than watching a team you picked cover when you don’t have any action!

Why did my credit card get declined?

Well, this isn’t a very simple answer, but I’ll give you the boiled down version.  Some members of the US government don’t want you to decide what to do with your own money.  They know much better than you, and you shouldn’t be betting on sports teams, you should be paying taxes and bailing out multi-billionaires!  So these yahoos couldn’t devise a way to intrude on your rights, so they turned the screws on the USA banking system.  They passed a law that made it illegal for the banks to process transactions from ‘known illegal online gambling sources’.  How vague is that?  As vague as it may be, the banks are a bunch of cowards, and they just got transformed into a law enforcement agency thanks to this law.  The law doesn’t speak to regular Joe Schmoe who wants to put some money on tonight’s game, or any other player for that fact, but it speaks entirely to the banks.  Now I’m not a lawyer, but this is how I interpreted the law.  So that is why your credit card is getting declined.

So how do I get money into my sports betting account?

Almost every online sportsbook will gladly accept personal money transfer deposits. To do this,  you simply phone or email the sportsbook after you sign up. Tell them you want to make a person to person deposit. The attendant will give you the simple details and you can complete your deposit at one of several local depots (typically found in Walmart or grocery stores!). More details on this method are below.

You can still use a VISA credit card to deposit with Bovada
(IF you cannot get your card to process, use their MyPaylinQ method.  It works like PayPal, but it actually WORKS!  Fund your MyPaylinQ account with your VISA, MasterCard, or Bank account.  Then fund your Bovada account with your MyPaylinQ account for free.)  Another advantage of this method is the fact that you will not have to scan and email your credit cards, utility bills, etc to Bovada, and  you can get your withdrawals via MyPaylinQ as well!)

You can still use  VISA and American Express credit cards to deposit at

Are there other ways for Americans to fund online sports betting accounts?

Yes, there are a couple more easy to use ways. There are two popular methods, known as “person to person” money transfers. These methods use well known money transferring services. To use these methods, simply phone or email your sportsbook and tell them that you wish to deposit via person 2 person or p2p. They will give you all the details you need. You can use them online or you can take the instructions to any WalMart and complete your transaction there. By the time you get home, your account will be funded! Be sure to inquire of the sportsbook agent while you have them on the phone, about getting a deposit bonus and reimbursed for your fees. You can win lots of $ from those bonuses!